Caroline at her desk at home. Sixth grade.

Adoptee: Caroline at her desk at home. Sixth grade.

Date of adoption: March 2008

Place of adoption: Guangdong Province: Yangchun SWI

Caroline Chun Robison Heath

When I was 10 years old, I  decided that instead of being interviewed, I wanted to interview my parents. I wrote down some questions and asked them about adoption. I am 13 now, in 2019, and I don’t think about where my birth parents are, or if they’re still alive, much. We didn’t receive a whole lot of information about my birth parents. I’m growing up in Austin, Texas and going into my last year of middle school, 8th grade. My middle school has been very good, even though there are a lot of students — about 1,400. Some of my interests are art, photography, and travel. I want to go places in and out of the country. In 2017, my family and four other Doss families went to China for a school trip. We went with Ms. Kelly Long, the high school Chinese language teacher who brought some high schoolers. We went to five cities and saw so many cool sites!! It was very interesting going back to my birth country. In elementary school, I was in the Chinese Immersion program starting in second grade. That meant half of our school day was in Chinese. I stayed with the same kids all through grade school, and I take advanced Chinese with them in middle school. For my 13th birthday, my Uncle Ted gave me his old Nikon camera. Now I have become a photographer, AND I want to be an assistant photographer in high school, and then I want to be a professional photographer when I grow up. I also would like to go back to China again!!!!!! #adopteesRkool

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Caroline Heath at 13.

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