Delaney Isley

Adoptee: Delaney Isley

Date of adoption: 6-Jun-05

Place of adoption: Chongqing Province, Fuling Social Welfare Institute

Delaney Isley

Hi! I am Delaney I’m 11 years old, I live in Garland, Texas.  I was adopted from the Fuling SWI in Chongqing Province.

I love to listen to music, I am good with cats, and have faced a lot of Bullies in my life.  My favorite songs are pop songs.

I used to have three cats one named Felix (a black cat, 15 years old), a white Norwegian Forest cat named Sydney (Oct. 2003-Oct. 2015), and a black and white short -hair cat called Abby (2001-2012). Two of the cats (Sydney and Abby are in kitty heaven) both passed away but my family and I still have Felix. He is now turning 16 this year and he is warming up to our newest member of our family, Pearl. She is a beautiful calico cat we just adopted from the animal shelter in December 2015.

Over the past few days I see the cats play. They still need a few days to warm up to each other but so far they are good.

Now I know people face bullies in their life at some point but I have faced at least 6, and I am 11!

I have had bullies big and small coming to me all the time. They insult me, sometimes try to hit me, but I am still kind enough not to hit them back!  Here is some things to do if you ever get bullied.

  1. Don’t ever run from them. This will just make them more satisfied.
  2. Don’t try to hit them. They will use that against you.
  3. If you try to talk back at them this will just make them want to bully you more so just tell a parent or an adult to help.
  4. If you do decide to fight back don’t try to do it yourself because the bully will always have a person to help him/or her bully.
  5. If the bully gets out of hand just tell the teacher what’s happening as fast as you can!
  6. If the bully tries to make you feel bad and insults you just say “Hey, you ain’t any better!”
  7. If this is a cyberbully report them and make sure that you try to stay away from them.
  8. And last if this is one of those kids who thinks that they are better and all that and starts to insult you and make fun of you the first thing that you need to do is to tell the teacher.

This is me and I hope you enjoyed the info! :)

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Betsy and Darrell Isley

Adoptive parents

Feb 12, 2019

Darrell and Betsy Isley live outside Dallas with their daughter, Delaney. They decided to adopt from China after watching a special Texas televangelist James Robison did about orphanages in China.

`Darrell said one day, 'Why don't we just go over there and take all the babies and bring 'em home?' I said o.k. So we started looking into adopting,` says Betsy, who is 52.

The couple, who had struggled with infertility, originally considered fertility treatment.

`Something just told me after we saw that documentary, there are so many babies that need a home,` says Darrell, who is 49. `Why are we doing to go through all this when there's already a baby out there that probably needs us? So we talked about it and that just moved us to go to China.`

Betsy has encouraged Delaney to stay involved with Chinese cultural activities, including a local Girl Scout group for Chinese adoptees. These days, however, as she moves toward pre-adolescence, Delaney has made it clear she's less interested.

`I think going into the pre-teen years is kind of pulling her out of that for a little bit,` Betsy says. `In fact, when we were talking about Girl Scouts, I asked her, I said 'Ok, you want to do Girl Scouts this year?' She goes, Mom, I get that I'm Chinese. I don't have be told that all the time.'`

Darrell says he had hoped Delaney would maintain an interest in Chinese culture.

`It's interesting. I always thought that, you know as a little kid growing up, that she would be more interested in her Chinese heritage, and some of it is she is. But most of the part she just wants to be like all the other kids. And I have to keep reminding myself that she is an average kid. She's special to us because she's from China and she's our baby. But she's just a kid and that's all she wants to be is just an average kid.`

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